Gallery House
Internship Program

Gallery House Internship Program by DGT Foundation, Inc.

Provided in Coordination with the Pratt Center for Career and Professional Development

Gallery House is now recruiting interns for Fall 2019 for a semester-long  Internship  targeting  undergraduate  Pratt  Institute  students  in  all  fields  of  study  taught  at  this  institution.  The  purpose  of  Gallery  House  is  to provide  participating  students  (Interns)  with  real-life  experience  in  curating,  promoting,  and  managing an exhibit  benefiting  a  local  non-profit  selected  by  a  team  of  three or four Interns  accepted  into  the  program each  semester. 
In return, students can receive three (3) academic credits for participating in the program by registering in the Internship Class within their respective departments.

Candidates should have completed at least one semester in any art or design program at Pratt Institute, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

 Applications will consist of:

  • A brief letter of interest, including the applicant’s idea for a potential exhibit and the social need or issue that might serve as the basis of the theme for an exhibit.

  • A portfolio. You may upload up to five text, graphic, video or audio files, total combined, for the portfolio.

  • A resume.

  • Names and emails of two references (professors, employers, etc).

 A short list of finalists will participate in an interview conducted by the Gallery House Internship Program volunteers.   

Please email any questions to

Through experiential learning, Interns gain insights into the local, New York City art and design world, and engage in personal and professional development in group decision-making and management, in marketing and branding, in negotiation with beneficiary organizations, in curation, in collaboration and communication with fellow professionals, in budgeting for a project, in time management, and in non-profit fundraising and raising public awareness about a pressing social need through an art exhibit.

At the conclusion of the semester, at their option, each individual Intern successfully completing the program may voluntarily opt to accept an invitation to also receive the honor letters, Delta Gamma Theta, from the DGT Alumni Association, Inc. and as part of that commit to volunteer as coaches for subsequent groups of Interns during subsequent semesters. Upon graduation from Pratt Interns participating in this way may voluntarily join as as full-fledged members of the DGT Alumni Association.

Gallery House uses a private gallery space within the DGT Alumni Association’s residential facility at 272 Clinton Ave. The building is a brownstone on a historically designated and protected block of Clinton Ave. Its interior spaces, on the main floor, are being protected and restored as gracious nineteenth century spaces for hosting exhibits and as a memorable reunion location for generations of Pratt Alumni who once lived there between 1964 and 2006, when it served as a fraternity house.


September 9th, 2019


Private Gallery within the Residential Facility of the DGT Alumni Association, Inc., 272 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205, three blocks from the Pratt campus.