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I choose to communicate via closed group in social media, if there is such a thing, and via a post in the members only section of our website. I also do so on behalf of myself only and not as an officer of DGT Alumni Association. In that way I hope to represent only my own views, however informed or uniformed by my roles within DGT leadership over the past nearly seven years. I am concerned that we are stalled at a kind of impasse and my own involvement in a small group of volunteers will run out or be significantly diminished within the next 24 months before I physically move back to California to live in permanent retirement.

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The Focus is You: Participate in a Brief DGT Alumni Association Survey

The responses have been very interesting so far, but the response has been, lets just say, not overwhelming in terms of the number of survey participants. It takes about 3-5 minutes at most. So what will it be? Will we have group camping trips, reunions by affinity such as graduation year, group cruises, group concert participation, regional gatherings, or some other set of ideas among the suggestions being received. This is an anonymous survey seeking your input on activities that would be of interest to you as an alumnus/alumna. It will help planning going forward. Click here to go to the survey.

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Volunteer Opportunities: You Can Contribute to the Spirit and Success of DGT Alumni Association From Your Home, Anywhere on the Planet, for as Few as 10 - 12 Hours per Year.

DGT Alumni can volunteer, for as few as 10 - 12 hours a year, and make a huge difference in the organization's ability to carry out it mission and achieve its vision. There are currently 15 types of volunteer positions, some of which require as few as 10 - 12 hours of work a year. Many, such as those in the area of communications, require volunteers with the kind of professional background and skills gained through a Pratt Institute education.

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Alexa Telano-Pratt Class of 2016-Recent DGT Member

Hello everyone! For those who I have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, I am a graduate of Pratt Class of 2016, earning a BFA in Photography. As well, I am a recent DGT intuctee, as I completed the Gallery House Fellowship in Fall 2015.  Although I have graduated from Pratt, I plan to stay extremely involved with the institute, both through involvement with DGT and active participation in the community.  Recently my work has been featured in several exhibits and publications:

"All We Are" - Pratt BFA photo group show at Pratt Manhattan, accompanied by a publication,

"Draft 13" an exhibit and publication, and

Article about my BFA Photo Thesis Show.

I look forward to meeting all of you in person soon! In the meantime, I welcome anyone to contact me via email to

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Millennials seek the keys to the family stationwagon

I looked at my watch; it was 9:45 P.M. this past Thursday night, April 5, 2016, and I was a the closing night of the fall exhibit of Gallery House Fellowship Program. The window of time was closing for me to be able to crawl into bed before midnight. Thinking about the walk to the subway and the commuting time between Clinton Hill and Roosevelt Island kept nudging me to head for the door. But I just had to linger a little longer, much like it was some four decades back when I was having a good time. I was in good and familiar company.

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What names are missing on the list? Can you lend a hand in making the DGT Alumni Association's data-base as complete and up-to-date as possible?

Your help is needed to make DGT Alumni Association's data base as complete as possible.  We can all chip in with a little bit of information to make that happen. Following is a list of 228 members of Delta Gamma Theta, Tau Delta Phi -Tau Sigma and DGT Alumni Association members, going as far back as possible.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Executive Summary

In January 2014, after a year-long effort involving monthly strategic planning sessions, meetings and conversations with Pratt Administrators and students, a survey of students and of alumni of Delta Gamma Theta and Tau Delta Phi-Tau Sigma, and a day-long retreat, the association, now renamed the DGT Alumni Association, adopted a five-year strategic plan.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 1 of 4

Strategy 1 calls for implementing a semester-long undergraduate fellowship program. This first strategy, out of a total of five strategies in the Plan, includes the Plan's first two goals. The first goal is to design, develop, implement and continuously improve a program of semester-long undergraduate fellowships for Pratt students, with a private gallery on the main floor of the old fraternity house as its core learning laboratory. The second goal is to develop an ongoing complementary Gallery House Program to retain select graduates of the undergraduate fellows program as volunteer Private Gallery Program staff, and coaches for undergraduate fellows (under Goal 1), and as associate members of the organization until their graduation from Pratt Institute and honorific induction as full members of the Alumni Association.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 2 of 4

Strategy 2 relates to exploring and possibly implementing two programs in the later years of the Strategic Plan.  They would logically be pursued following the restoration and renovation of 272 Clinton Ave. and not before then.  The envisioned programs would involve seeking and securing a long-term agreement with Pratt Institute, and also, seeking and obtaining program funding through foundation grants and corporate giving programs. Strategy 4, nominally calls for part of the House to serve as a residence for faculty visiting Pratt as part of the Visiting Scholars Program.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 3 of 4

Strategy 3 has a short title, but will likely be the most resource intensive challenge and opportunity described in the Plan. The title is, "Make Capital Improvements to 272. Clinton Ave. There is one goal under Strategy 3, the fifth Goal of the Plan: "Develop an Architectural Program/Master Plan for the Renovation of 272 Clinton Ave., (and implement the Plan) consistent with the vision and program goals of this Strategic Plan." The first two of five objectives under this goal have been completed, a third is in progress, and the fourth, the construction/renovation phase, as well the fifth, evaluation, have not yet been carried out.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 4 of 4

Strategy 4 directs DGT Alumni Association, its leaders and members to "dramatically increase the number and involvement of active members. It includes Goals 6, 7 and 8 of the Plan. Goal 6 is to "grow the number of active, dues paying alumni to 200 in five years through outreach and the development of programs, benefits, and social and professional networking activities of interest to the alumni." Under Goal 7 of Plan, the call is to "develop and implement a technology-based Communications Plan that supports information dissemination from the Association to its members, and remote participation in the meetings of the organization's membership."  Finally, Goal 8 is to "Develop and implement a program connecting alumni with this Plan, including developing an annual series of events that offer social and professional networking opportunities for alumni…" 

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: Organizational and Administrative Goals and Objectives

In addition to the goals and objectives under the four key strategies of the 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan, there are goals and objectives in the plan related to governance, finances, development, and evaluation of the strategic plan. Progress in these areas has been significant. However, the limitations of a small group of volunteer engaged in the effort, and the enormity and high costs in terms of time, effort and resources is evident in what still remains to be done. In this respect the plan has proven to be ambitious and even unrealistic in terms of the projected, or hoped for timeline for achieving stated objectives. Briefly, following immediately below, is a review of the progress and of the work remaining under the goals and objectives for governance, finance, development, and evaluation of the strategic plan.

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Strategic Plan Progress Report: In Conclusion

In conclusion, much has been achieved in implementing the 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan, and this has occurred on account of the efforts of a small, growing, and committed core group made up of volunteer Board Members and a growing number of additional members actively chipping in as they are able. As DGT succeeds in increasing its number of active members, this volunteer driven effort will continue to increase in productivity and results. Key challenges include: 1) achieving the ambitious goals and objectives of the Plan within the five-year timeline; 2) cultivating a culture of employing best practices in non-profit management as has begun with such efforts as adopting Internal Controls; 3) raising the funds for capital improvements; 4) cultivating our relationship with Pratt Institute; 5) continually improving the Gallery House Program as a strategy for community service and continuity; and, 6) last but must importantly, making the program for DGT Alumni engaging and responsive to a constituent group ranging in age from those who are in their late 20s or early 30s, to individuals in their eighties and beyond. Many active and inactive constituents live in the New York region, and many in other states and also overseas.  All of this of course, is a tall order!

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100 Bricks for $10K in Year One!

On Prat Alumni Day and Reunion 2015, DGT Alumni Association will officially start the Engraved Brick Campaign. By September 19, 2016 the goal of this annual campaign is to raise $10K through individual, business or corporate donations of $100 to either DGT Alumni Association, Inc., or DGT Foundation (for a tax deductible gift).  Thanks already go to the following individuals who have already contributed to the campaign: Elycia Lerman, Joseph F. Pierz, Rodney Finkle, Gil Gerald, Nelson Hernandez, Rev. Michael Perry, Alan Hansen, and Chase Hill.

$100 gifts to the Association will support needed repairs, maintenance and renovations to the property, and $100 gifts to the Foundation will support the educational and charitable work of the organization. In 2016 this will principally involve the Gallery Program. Each engraved brick will bear the name of the DGT alumnus or alumna making the donation and the semester and year in which he or she was inducted into Delta Gamma Theta, Tau Delta Phi-Tau Sigma, or as an undergraduate, Associate Member of the DGT Alumni Association.  

Any individual, business or corporate entity may donate $100 for the purpose of memorializing a member who is deceased. Many members know of such individuals, and over the years, DGT will be researching and recovering the names of such individuals. The engraved bricks will be incorporated into future designs for the rear patio and other appropriate indoor and outdoor areas.  

Please make a $100 contribution now, via PayPal, to DGT Alumni Association, Inc., or to DGT Foundation, Inc.

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Enjoying the retired life

By Peter schirling (Engineering, '65)

I retired from IBM Microelectronics after more than 43 years at IBM. One of the highlights of my long career was being chairman of the US Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG) Committee during the development of MPEG-2, MPEG-4 (standards for the generic coding of moving pictures), and Advanced Video Coding (AVC, aka H.264). I am now enjoying retirement and living in Tokyo, Japan, while doing a lot of traveling. For more, visit my page on LinkedIn.

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Volunteers (4) needed for 2 hours a month from the comfort of your home

DGT Alumni Association is seeking four (4) members who can volunteer and provide an estimated two (2) hours per month as editors of the website’s blogs (Update, Member News, Portfolio, and Buzz) from the comfort of their home computer on an individually convenient and flexible schedule.  Volunteers should have good English language writing and editing skills.  Experience in writing and publishing a blog is desirable. However, an online group orientation and training will be provided by Chas Martin, a member who served as the website developer.  Each volunteer will be a primary editor responsible for one of the blogs, and also serve as a secondary editor for one of the other blogs, in a tag team fashion. Submissions will be periodically sent to the primary editor, who would then review them for appropriateness and consistency with guidelines established for each blog, and polish the submission by providing edits.  The secondary editor will serve as a final proof reader who will then publish the entry. The whole idea will be for a team to help DGT Alumni Association maintain a professional website that is consistent with its brand promise. All editors will have an email address at Interested members should email their interest to, or call Gil at 646.634.3319.

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Welcome Past President Rod Finkle to Active Member Status

Rod graduated in 1955 with with a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree. He served as President of DGT in 1954-1955. After school he was commissioned in the U.S. Army, retiring in 1982 to design and build a home in Alaska. Rod married his high school sweetheart. They have two daughters and two grandsons, all living in Alaska. He is active in community affairs, Alaska World Affairs Council, and The Alaska Scottish Club. Rod has also served on several non-profit boards. Although he loves to ski, he says, "That's behind us now. We travel a bit, especially to Scotland."
Follow Rod on Facebook.


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