100 Bricks for $10K in Year One!

On Prat Alumni Day and Reunion 2015, DGT Alumni Association will officially start the Engraved Brick Campaign. By September 19, 2016 the goal of this annual campaign is to raise $10K through individual, business or corporate donations of $100 to either DGT Alumni Association, Inc., or DGT Foundation (for a tax deductible gift).  Thanks already go to the following individuals who have already contributed to the campaign: Elycia Lerman, Joseph F. Pierz, Rodney Finkle, Gil Gerald, Nelson Hernandez, Rev. Michael Perry, Alan Hansen, and Chase Hill.

$100 gifts to the Association will support needed repairs, maintenance and renovations to the property, and $100 gifts to the Foundation will support the educational and charitable work of the organization. In 2016 this will principally involve the Gallery Program. Each engraved brick will bear the name of the DGT alumnus or alumna making the donation and the semester and year in which he or she was inducted into Delta Gamma Theta, Tau Delta Phi-Tau Sigma, or as an undergraduate, Associate Member of the DGT Alumni Association.  

Any individual, business or corporate entity may donate $100 for the purpose of memorializing a member who is deceased. Many members know of such individuals, and over the years, DGT will be researching and recovering the names of such individuals. The engraved bricks will be incorporated into future designs for the rear patio and other appropriate indoor and outdoor areas.  

Please make a $100 contribution now, via PayPal, to DGT Alumni Association, Inc., or to DGT Foundation, Inc.

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