Design Competition Call for Entries: Engraved Brick Celebration of Brotherhood and Sisterhood

The Board of DGT Alumni Association, Inc. has commissioned a design competition, open to all members (active/current on their dues and inactive/not current on their dues) , for a continuously expanding 'engraved brick construction' in the rear patio of 272 Clinton Ave. The intention is to accommodate engraved bricks bearing the name and initiation/induction year of members from the past, as they are identified and verified, the present, and the future as they become part of the DGT lineage.

Saturday, May 13, Come on Over to the House if Your in the New York Area

If you’re in town, you’ve got to at least stop by 272 Clinton Ave. (the zoo
of course) on Saturday, May 13. Join in the fun at whichever point you wish,
or just say stop by to say hi.

  • 10:00 am to 4:30 pm – General Clean Spring Clean Up and some painting tasks – Pizza for Lunch
  • 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm -- Tenant Meet and Greet. DGT Alumni Association has had an unusual turnover of tenants and has scheduled a Meet and Greet to which members and tenants are invited.
  • 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Induction of the Triple A’s – Aika, Asa and August the fall 2016 Fellows
  • 7:00 pm – Gallery House Task Force meets (briefly at least).

Ronald James Howanich

DGT Alumni Association and Pratt Institute alumnus Ronald James Howanich passed away on Tuesday, April 18, 2017. Ron, "or the Farmer" as he was nicknamed by fellow members when in the Spring of 1970 he joined Tau Delta Phi-Tau Sigma Chapter, at the time the undergraduate body of what is now the DGT Alumni Association.  Ron was born in Allentown, PA on March 26, 1951 to the late Mike and Stella (Groller) Howanich

March Birthdays

In March we are expressing happy birthday wishes to Sis. Debbie Dieneman-Kein (Spring 1973/Art) on the 5th of the month, Bro Blase Gallo (1969) on March 13, Bro. Ron Howanich (Spring 1970/1973 Industrial Design and also Bro. Winston Von Engel (1986 Architecture) on the26th, and Bro. Stanley Brown (1977/1980, Industrial Engineering) on the 27th.

Thrilling! Actual Pratt Students and Recent Graduates Receive Keys to the House

Brooklyn, NY, February 5, 2017 -- Fall 2015, and Spring and Fall 2016 Gallery House Fellows/Delta Gamma Theta Honor Letters recipients, enthusiastically received their charge to further develop, manage and promote the Gallery House Fellowship Program. As part of that charge, the group literally received the keys to the House. Several are actively considering also moving into the available basement unit.  Yes, student life, involving individuals bonded through a common, challenging and skills-building experience, is returning to 272 Clinton Ave.

Important changes in Governance, Property Management, & Program Management Okay'd at the Annual Meeting

The January 28, 2017 Annual Meeting of the DGT Alumni Association's Membership brought new faces to the Governance team of the DGT Alumni Association and the DGT Foundation. Additionally, the appointment of a Property Superintendent was announced, and that position will replace the position previously knows as Resident Property Manager, which was held by Jonathan Levy (Fine Arts '00) who has relocated to Texas. The Gallery House Fellowship Program has been restructured so that it is a program operated by Pratt Students who have been conferred the honorary letters Delta Gamma Theta. 

Agenda for Annual Membership Meeting Set

The Annual Meeting of the DGT Alumni Association is set for January 28, 2017, starting at 12:00, noon, Eastern Time. Active and inactive members may participate on-site, at 272 Clinton Ave., or online, via web-conference. A link to the web-conference is always embedded in the DGT Alumni Association calendar on the 'Events' page at Association's website. Only members who have paid their 2017 dues of $10 may vote. A quorum of seven active members (dues paid) is required for the meeting.

Thank you if you have already paid your annual dues of $10

Involvement in and support for the DGT Alumni Association annually starts in January with payment of $10 in membership fees. The work of keeping the connection going is volunteer based. However, the fee not only provides for the ability of you to vote at membership meetings, now held by video conference, and to hold office, but for you to  also cover the costs of supplies, stamps and communications to "keep the connection going.' It's easy to do it via PayPal. Thank you in Advance from the Board.

January Birthdays

DGT Alumni Association's records indicate that at least the following individuals celebrate their birthdays in January.  Upcoming birthdays include January 7, for Christine Friello-Fini, January 10, for Richard West (we don't have an email or street address for Richard), January 12 for Paul Gianesini, January 14 for Eric St. James, Lopez, January 15 for Lisa Williams, January 16, for Mark Emelko, January 19, for Alexa Telano, and January 27 for Kenneth Hebel.

Interview with Father Michael Perry

In late November, Father Michael Perry was interviewed at Our Lady of Refuge, in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, so that through the Connector we might share an update on his whereabouts.  For twenty-three years Father Michael Perry was the Chaplain of Pratt Institute, and for twenty-one of those years he served as the Faculty Advisor to Tau Delta Phi - Tau Sigma Fraternity, and Delta Gamma Theta, when the organization reverted to being a local fraternity.  Following is the slightly edited transcript of the interview conducted by Bro. Gil Gerald, Spring '70/Architecture '74