Thank you, Jon Levy!

DGT Alumni Association is grateful for the leadership, passion, commitment and just plain hard work contributed by Bro. Jonathan Levy to the organization, over the past six years.  His good deeds are most evident in the successes of the Gallery House Fellowship Program, which he first envisioned. As of January 2017, over the course of three semesters, the program has attracted and engaged a total of eight Pratt students.  All eight received a monetary Fellowship Award, learned curating and other skills, and in teams of 2-3 at a time, staged three successful fine art exhibits. All subsequently accepted an invitation to: 1) help continue the program for successive waves of students; 2) become members committed to the Mission of the DGT Alumni Association; and 3) be thus conferred the honorary letters Delta Gamma Theta. There are two years, 2017 and 2018, remaining in the DGT Alumni Association's Five Year Strategic Plan, and the Association is now on the cusp of once again having Pratt students residing at the house and engaging fellow students in a student-run experience that builds leadership skills, and strong professional and interpersonal bonds. 

As developments in his professional and love life now mean that Jon will be relocating to Texas, the Board and graduates of Gallery House recently took a moment to honor him with the 2017 Jonathan Levy Award for Service to Gallery House. Thank you Bro. Jon Levy; it's Great to Be!