July 30 Alumni Exhibition/Quarterly Meeting/ BBQ and Induction

You, or an expression of you, or both, are invited to be present at the House, 272 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, for all or part of the day, Saturday, June 30. Starting at 10:00 a.m. and continuing through the early evening there will be a program to include the first Annual DGT Alumni Association's Arts and Design Exhibit, a brief (60 minutes) quarterly membership meeting, starting at noon, followed by a back yard BBQ, and an induction of new members who completed the Spring, 2016 Gallery House Fellowship Program.

DGT Alumni Association Bestows the Honorary Letters Delta Gamma Theta to Two Undergraduate Pratt Students

The two Fall Semester 2015 Fellowship recipients, Alexa Telano and Eric St. James-Lopez were inducted as Associate Members of DGT Alumni Association, on April 30, 2016. The ceremony included bestowing the two Pratt Institute seniors with the honorary letters Delta Gamma Theta for having successfully organized and produced a fine arts exhibit at the private gallery of the DGT Alumni Association. 

DGT is Grateful for the Generosity of its Members

DGT Alumni Association takes pride in thanking DGT Alumni for their generosity in calendar 2015. We are thankful for dues payments, contributions to the Engraved Brick Campaign and the DGT Alumni Association's General Fund, and for additional gifts including donations to the tax exempt, educational and charitable arm of the Association, the DGT Foundation. Thanks go to members for the countless volunteer hours and in kind gifts.

Dawna Luna (Architecture '94) passed away unexpectedly

Expressions of condolence are in order for the family of Dawna Luna (Architecture '94), including DGT brothers and sisters who knew Dawna, a little sister.  Lisa Alberti Williams, her Big Sister, is among those who have fond memories of Dawna. Sister Luna passed away unexpectedly during the weekend following Thanksgiving. Condolences may be sent to the Luna family at 11802 Walraven, Huffman, TX 77336.

Vernon Ford will do a reading of his poetry as part of the program for Pratt Alumni Day and Reunion

Vernon Ford (Fine Arts, '63), DGT Alumni Association's Secretary, has been selected to perform for Pratt Institute’s Alumni Exhibition/Staged Readings as part of the program for Pratt Alumni Day & Reunion. The readings will be On the Lawn between 2 pm - 4 pm. Saturday, September 19 at the Brooklyn Campus. Vern's readings will be three recent poems from his Word Windows collection.