Mission and Vision

The mission of the DGT Alumni Association is to promote fellowship and individual creativity among creative professionals, through leadership and professional development, through networking, and through activities that benefit the local community.

We envision educational programs and activities, attracting Pratt Institute undergraduates, with high scholastic grades, who seek leadership development, assembling an impressive portfolio, career related networking, and other activities and benefits aimed at increasing their pathways to professional success.

We envision a network of Pratt alumni who are engaged as active members of our association, supporting educational and other philanthropic activities, and sustaining and benefiting from lifelong professional and friendship bonds, as well as from activities that nurture and support their continued professional advancement.

We envision a close and ongoing relationship with Pratt Institute and the Pratt community, whereby we
jointly bring to bear internally and externally available resources for programs and activities that support the missions of both organizations and that enhance local community life.


Our mission and vision are grounded in our belief in and valuing of personal and professional integrity, education and scholastic achievement,  advancement of individuals in the creative professions, life-long friendships, balancing work with fun, and inter-disciplinary, ethnic, gender and cultural diversity among our members.