Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity

“Masks of Courage: Defining True Identity” an exhibition to honor the brave work of Natalia, her Foundation and supporters to heal scares, and to promote and protect the human rights of victims of chemical attacks, globally.

The exhibition will take the viewers through a journey that separates the sense of self worth from external attributes of identity, to ultimately confront them to the reality acid attack victims’ experience.

The show challenges the collection of attributes that defines how we see ourselves, and how others perceive us. Our face, body, language, relationships, what we wear, like and own, paints an image of who we are. But what happens when we take those things away? Who are we then?

The art curetted for the exhibition will be raffled, auction and sold, with all profits of the sales to go to the Natalia Ponce de León Foundation.




Here is a story of three creative thinkers who came together to use their design talents for a higher purpose: The Gallery House Program Spring 2016, a fundraising fine arts exhibition.

Maria Camila Pava

Maria Camila Pava is a passionate creative strategist that believes in the power of the arts and design. Her purpose is to help shape a world that promotes just, peaceful and inclusive societies through ideas that transform lives, nurture growth and advocate change.

Ariane Williams

With a passion for art and education, Ariane Williams has traveled from the Old Dominion to explore what the world has to offer. With cultural differences and similarities, she wants to bridge the gap between the world of design and learning.

Rudolph Strelis

Young sailor Rudolph Strelis comes from a place in Northern Europe, called Latvia. He’s worked with visual concepts since he started to walk. Born into an artist family, therefore he’s passionate for the ability to dress thoughts, words and shapes into colours using diverse materials.