Pratt Alumni Day and Reunion 2016 Celebrated by the DGT Alumni Association


Pratt Alumni who as undergraduates were members of Tau Delta Phi - Tau Sigma, Delta Gamma Theta - Alpha, or Delta Gamma Theta - Omega gathered for an afternoon reception at the 'Old Fraternity House,' located at 272 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn. Alumni and their families joined with Father Michael Perry, former Faculty Advisor and also former Chaplain of Pratt Institute (1973 - 1996) to view the first Annual DGT Alumni Association's Art and Design Exhibit, as well as recall their undergraduate days and catch up on developments in the lives of fellow members. Among those gathered were Joel Davidson, Chris Duggan, Tom Fiorella, Vern Ford, Christine Friello-Fini, Gil Gerald, Kostas Gerakaris, Jon Levy, Ann Marie Michael, Tom Wong and Josh Yavelberg.