Results of design competition for placement of engraved bricks

Brick Yard A.jpg

More than a year ago DGT announced a design competition open to its membership. As a fundraising effort DGT endeavored to ask members to make a monetary contribution of $100 that would involve purchasing bricks engraved with their name or that of a member they would like to honor or remember. The campaign itself has generated $2,000, a good beginning. The competition called for incorporating engraved bricks in a new design for the rear patio area. Two design entries were received, one from Tom Wong, Treasurer, and one from Vern Ford, immediate past Secretary. A resolution was proposed and passed, with both abstaining, to combine elements of both designs into one design solution. Tom Wong’s design proposed the rebuilding of the low brick walls to the left and right of a set of steps between the patio and covered area below the kitchen. The brick walls, along with the steps would have the engraved bricks as facing. The design submitted by Vern Ford uses the engraved bricks to form a paving pattern for the patio that incorporates the logo used by Gallery House. The logo replicates a detail of the finished door frames in the Chapter and Bar rooms in the House. The design provides that the work can be done in phases as bricks are purchased and installed over time. See below for a list of Engraved Brick Campaign donors to date.

Brick Campaign Wall.jpg

Engraved Brick Campaign Donors to Date

Lance Bottari, Carl Digregorio, Gil Gerald (2), Rod Finkle, Vern Ford (2), Christine Friello-Fini, Nelson Hernandez, Jonathan Chase Hill, Elycia Lerman (3), Fr. Michael Perry (2), Joseph Pierz, Jake Skoda, Tom Wong, Josh Yavelberg