Volunteers (4) needed for 2 hours a month from the comfort of your home

DGT Alumni Association is seeking four (4) members who can volunteer and provide an estimated two (2) hours per month as editors of the www.dgtaa.org website’s blogs (Update, Member News, Portfolio, and Buzz) from the comfort of their home computer on an individually convenient and flexible schedule.  Volunteers should have good English language writing and editing skills.  Experience in writing and publishing a blog is desirable. However, an online group orientation and training will be provided by Chas Martin, a member who served as the website developer.  Each volunteer will be a primary editor responsible for one of the blogs, and also serve as a secondary editor for one of the other blogs, in a tag team fashion. Submissions will be periodically sent to the primary editor, who would then review them for appropriateness and consistency with guidelines established for each blog, and polish the submission by providing edits.  The secondary editor will serve as a final proof reader who will then publish the entry. The whole idea will be for a team to help DGT Alumni Association maintain a professional website that is consistent with its brand promise. All editors will have an email address at www.dgtaa.org. Interested members should email their interest to ggerald@dgtaa.org, or call Gil at 646.634.3319.

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