What names are missing on the list? Can you lend a hand in making the DGT Alumni Association's data-base as complete and up-to-date as possible?

Your help is needed to make DGT Alumni Association's data base as complete as possible.  We can all chip in with a little bit of information to make that happen. Following is a list of 263 members of Delta Gamma Theta and Tau Delta Phi -Tau Sigma members, and Gallery House Fellows, going as far back as possible. The names are listed in alphabetical order since there isn't sufficient and consistent information for each person on the list to be able to sort them in any other way.  The list includes individuals who may no longer be on an 'earthly plane.' A complete historical list is desired.  For example, we have email addresses for only 116 of the 263 who are now on the list. A complete and updated list makes it possible to continue the process of reconnecting members with their cohorts, as they wish, and also developing new connections within a DGT family that continues to grow. There are missing listings and also missing contact information, possibly for you, and definitely for others you may know or recall as being members. Please take some time to go through the list to see if everyone you can recall is included. Next to each name there is an indication as to whether or not DGT Alumni Association's data-based contains either a telephone number (T), an e-mail address (E), or a mailing address (A) for that member. If a name is missing, or you can supply missing contact information, simply email a note to DGT Alumni Association information, via info@dgtaa.org, with the member's name and the contact information you have. You can also provide a name, without any contact information, in a comment box, below.  Contact information should be handled as confidential and sent by email to info@dgtaa.org.  The names on the list that have been gathered so far have come from old pledge books,  from shared recollections, and from documents found in the House or supplied by a member. Your brothers and sisters thank you for any help you are able to offer.

  1. Adams, Robert D.
  2. Adorney, Charles
  3. Agins, Harry L. (E)
  4. Alexander, Roy
  5. Altic, Dennis P.
  6. Anderson, Chuck
  7. Anderson, John
  8. Anderson, William
  9. Andres, Anthony
  10. Araia, Gideon
  11. Attick, Mitch (T) (A)
  12. Babilonia, Julius
  13. Bagnasco, Kenneth J.
  14. Baker, Ryan (T) (E)
  15. Baki, Allen (T) (E) (A)
  16. Barra, Richard
  17. Attic, Dennis (Deceased)
  18. Becker, Richard
  19. Beres, James
  20. Berlin, Lou
  21. Bernstein, Harold (T) (E) (A)
  22. Bilella, Richard J. (T) (E) (A)
  23. Bongiorno, Michael 
  24. Border, William (E)
  25. Borges, Rogelio (E)
  26. Borretti, Giuseppe
  27. Bottari, Lance (T) (E) (A)
  28. Braun, Heidi
  29. Brooks, Lesley
  30. Brown, David W., Jr. (T) (E) (A)
  31. Brown, Stanley
  32. Buinis, Lonna
  33. Burghard, Mathew R. (T) (E) (A)
  34. Burnett, Mark A.
  35. Butera, James
  36. Carbonaro, Joseph F.
  37. Cardona, Bobby
  38. Carroll, Thomas J. (E)
  39. Castedo, M. R. (T) (E) (A)
  40. Cerame, David (T) (E) (A)
  41. Cheung, Ike
  42. Christianson, Roy (E)
  43. Cosenza, Michael
  44. Dabby, Ramsey (T) (A)
  45. Dancsecs, Matt (E)
  46. David, Patric D. (E)
  47. Davidson, Joel E. Jr.
  48. Davies, Graham (T) (E) (A)
  49. Decesare, Kenneth
  50. DeVito, Damian
  51. Dieneman, Debbie
  52. DiGregorio, Carl (E)
  53. Dill, Robert
  54. Direske, Karl
  55. Disosway, Kenneth
  56. DiTaranto, Alex (E)
  57. Doebele, Peter C.
  58. Drake, S.
  59. Drattler, Yuda (E)
  60. Dudonis, Mike
  61. Duggan, Christopher D. (T) (E) (A)
  62. Dzurenko, John A.
  63. Emelko, Mark (T) (E) (A)
  64. Enowitz, Evan
  65. Eskow,  Martin (T) (E)
  66. Esposito, Michael J. (T) (E) (A)
  67. Fayko, John
  68. Figlia, Emanuele
  69. Finkle, Rodney T. (T) (E) (A)
  70. Fiorella, Thomas G. (T) (E) (A)
  71. Fleury, James (E)
  72. Franci, C.
  73. Freda, Nick
  74. Friello, Christine
  75. Garza, Jeff
  76. Gaylord, Frederick (T) (E)
  77. Gerakaris, Kostas (T) (E) (A)
  78. Gerald, Gilberto (T) (E) (A)
  79. Gianesini, Paul
  80. Goddard, Cameron B.
  81. Goedecke, Carl
  82. Goldstein, Jeffrey
  83. Gomez, David
  84. Grabarz, Jeffrey
  85. Jason, Grefski (T) (E) (A)
  86. Gurwitz, Alan (T) (E) (A)
  87. Haber, Ken (T) (E) (A)
  88. Hansen, Al J.
  89. Hansen, Allen S. (T) (E) (A)
  90. Harkleroad, W.
  91. Harris, Phillip
  92. Hartman, Robin S. (E)
  93. Parker, Hatfield (E)
  94. Hebel, Kenneth (E) (A)
  95. Held, Laura
  96. Heretakis, Paul (T) (E) A)
  97. Hernandez, Nelson O Sr. (T) (E) (A)
  98. Hill, Jonathan C. (T) (E) (A)
  99. Hollenbeck, Paul
  100. Holst, Ira B. (T) (E) (A)
  101. Hopkins, Donald M. Jr.
  102. Howanich, Ronald (T) (E) (A)
  103. Huebner, Donald M. Jr.
  104. Inglis, Mark (E)
  105. Izirelle, Noel,
  106. Jago, Fred
  107. Johannessen, Robert
  108. Keeley, Percy
  109. Kennard, Raymond (E)
  110. Kirk, William
  111. Kiture, Jacqueline
  112. Klass,  David (E)
  113. Knell, Jason
  114. Kohan, John
  115. Kollof, Larry
  116. Kolodzinski, Anthony
  117. Kontos, Evangelos (T) (E) (A)
  118. Kranyak, Michael Jr.
  119. Kraus, Robert
  120. Kuan, Louis
  121. Kulakowski, Edward (E)
  122. Kupfer, Douglas (T) (E) (A)
  123. Kupiec, John
  124. Labelson, Alan
  125. Lacomba, Ramon L. (T) (E) (A)
  126. Lake, Thomas
  127. Lamparter, Roger (E)
  128. Lap, Peter (E)
  129. Lawther, Austin (T) (E) (A)
  130. Lazzara, Joe
  131. LeBlanc, Denise
  132. Lee, Howard (T) (E) (A)
  133. Lerman, Elycia L. (T) (E) (A)
  134. Levans, Harry
  135. Levy, Jonathan (T) (E) (A)
  136. Lewis, Charles
  137. Lindsay, J.
  138. Loh, Gregory (E) (A)
  139. Lusk, Dave C.
  140. Lynch, Tim
  141. Mackey, James
  142. Madia, Michael (E) (A)
  143. Malavarca, Marco (E)
  144. Malloy, Patrick (E)
  145. Marlier, Murray
  146. Marsh, Michael (E)
  147. Martin, Charles T. (T) (E)
  148. Mckenzie, Bruce (T) (E) (A)
  149. McLaurin, Marcus
  150. Meyers, David (T) (E)
  151. Michael, Anne Marie (E) (A)
  152. Michelsen, R.T.
  153. Millian, Kristine L.
  154. Mills, Oran C. (E) (A)
  155. Monaghan, Carrie
  156. Montesano, Roxy
  157. Moore, Albert C. 
  158. Moran, James
  159. Moreno, Tommy
  160. Mork, Ron
  161. Moy, George
  162. Murphy, John
  163. Murphy, Sean (E)
  164. Mutsakis, Nicholas N.
  165. Nevin, John A.
  166. Nystrom, Marty
  167. O'Connell, Tim
  168. O'Donnell, Jeffrey (T)
  169. Oberlin, Paul D. (T) (E) (A)
  170. O'Hara, Robert
  171. Oldham, John
  172. Orgel, David A.
  173. Owen, Robert W.
  174. Pagan, John R. (T) (E) (A)
  175. Palumbo, Michael
  176. Pasternak, Robert (E)
  177. Pearlstein, Stanley (T) (E) (A)
  178. Pelton, Gary
  179. Perry, Michael (T) (E) (A)
  180. Peterson, James
  181. Piazza, John G.
  182. Pierz, Joseph F. (E) (A)
  183. Plant, Bob
  184. Prezioso, Nicholas
  185. Prono, Lewis C
  186. Proto, Angelo "Bill"
  187. Raaber, Ray
  188. Rajczewski, Greg (T) (E) (A)
  189. Rand, Aland P. (T) (E)
  190. Ratti, Eugene A.
  191. Renzi, Marcelo
  192. Reynolds, Patrick
  193. Rivera, Jose
  194. Rivera, Luis F. Jr.
  195. Rodriguez, Michael R.
  196. Rosado, James (E)
  197. Rothe, Al
  198. Ruiz, Johanna
  199. Saboga, James (E)
  200. Saieva, Carl J. (T) (E) (A)
  201. Samwick, Mark
  202. Sanchez, Andres (T) (E) (A)
  203. Santoro, Mike
  204. Scarpati, Joseph
  205. Schirling, Peter (T) (E) (A)
  206. Schultz, Robert
  207. Scott, Alexander D. (T) (E) (A)
  208. Sedigh, Peri
  209. Sedgewick, Maureen
  210. Shainen, Jack
  211. Shankey, Richard (E)
  212. Shapiro, Ronald
  213. Shur, Richard (E)
  214. Sibley, Joyia E. (E)
  215. Silverman, Tod M.
  216. Simon, Anthony (E)
  217. Skoda, Jakub L. (E) (A)
  218. Sloan, Dave
  219. Slone, Carl
  220. Smith, Howard
  221. Smith, Mark (T) (E) (A)
  222. Souflis, Andrew
  223. Sovjani, John
  224. Sowul, Bart
  225. Spokony, David
  226. St.James-Lopez, Eric (E)
  227. Steinhilber, Ron
  228. Stempel, David
  229. Stern, Al
  230. Sternlicht, Carl
  231. Stoneman, Breanne
  232. Suares, James
  233. Tafone, Steven
  234. Talamo, John
  235. Telano, Alexa (E)
  236. Thompson, Roy
  237. Trent, Michael
  238. Tumiello, Mike
  239. Valcialk, Martin
  240. Varvoglis, Thracy (T) (E) (A)
  241. Vassallo, Edward
  242. Verni, Frank (T) (E) (A)
  243. Visconi, Victor
  244. Vita, James (T) (E) (A)
  245. Vita, Dianne (T) (E) (A)
  246. Von Engel, Winston (T) (E)
  247. Warganick, George
  248. Weeks, George
  249. West, Richard
  250. Westphal, Alison
  251. Wiggins, Michelle
  252. Wilcox, Robert
  253. Williams, Lisa
  254. Williams, Scott
  255. Wilson, Richard (T) (E)
  256. Wong, Thomas (T) (E) (A)
  257. Woods, Mike
  258. Worsley, Chris
  259. Wurtz, Rudolph
  260. Yavelberg, Joshua (T) (E) (A)
  261. Zagoren, Glenn
  262. Zala, Randal (E)
  263. Zoller, Robert


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