About Gallery House

Gallery House is a unique, private gallery space that is used to host fundraising, fine art exhibitions at absolutely no cost. The only parties that financially benefit from our exhibitions are the artists and charitable organizations involved. This historical Brownstone dating back to 1877 is being meticulously restored while being graciously used by artists. Gallery House is a Clinton Hill program of the DGT Foundation, Inc.. Gallery House is dedicated to the sharing of ideas pressing our world today by giving back to the local community through our hosted receptions. We aim to gather and communicate said ideas through art, music and other types of artistic expression.

Gallery House uses a private gallery space within the DGT Alumni Association’s residential facility at 272 Clinton Avenue. The building is a brownstone on a historically designated and protected block of Clinton Ave. Its interior spaces, on the main floor, are being protected and restored as gracious nineteenth century spaces for hosting exhibits and as a memorable reunion location for generations of Pratt Alumni who once lived there between 1964 and 2006, when it served as a fraternity house.