We are in Compliance with New York State Requirements

The requirements for non-profits to be certified and to file annually with the NYS Charities Bureau is receiving public attention. I thought I would let you know and assure you that we are in full compliance for both DGT Alumni Association and DGT Foundation. We have filed the required annual statements and forms (CHAR500) for each of these two entities.  If anyone should ask you, this is all in order.  We also post information on our web-site, as recommended by the Attorney General (e.g. Tax Returns and information about our registration number with NYS Department of Law/Charities Bureau). We are not required at this time to produce audited financial statements. If we receive $250K or more annually, that requirement will kick in and we would have to start having our finances audited by an independent CPA (It is usually at a cost of about 1% of the budget).  Hopefully we will ensure that, just like paying the utility bills, this matter is handled in the future after any or all of the current officers are no longer responsible. We maintain written Internal Controls, and this guide lists the requirements and dates for this legal obligation, as well as all others.