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In a rapidly advancing world, fueled by the onset of artificial intelligence (AI) and an increasing dependency on technology, the implications of progress is inevitable. Futurist ideals and science fiction are becoming difficult to distinguish from reality, and the direct consequences are manifested in the process of human interactions, learning, and thought itself.

Gallery House Fellows of Fall 2017 are curating an exhibition Yesterday’s Tomorrow which includes works that offer an experiential exploration of the implications of rapidly developing technology within contemporary society on various groups. The exhibition will embrace a wide variety of media, including installations, video/film as well as more traditional media of painting and sculpture. Original works will be raffled off and auctioned to benefit the Children’s Art Guild ( a New York City based organization determined to help children transcend expectations and disadvantages in order to explore and develop their creativity and artistic drives through education.

If you have work you would like to donate please indicate in your submission.

For further information regarding presentation, receiving, liability, and to submit artwork of any medium, click here.