The project budget estimate for renovation/restoration work at 272 Clinton Clinton Ave. is $1.3 million

DGT Alumni Association received an estimate of $1,252,151 for proposed renovation and restoration work of the residential property it owns at 272 Clinton Ave. The estimate was prepared, pro bono, by Manuel Castedo, AIA (Architecture '74), a DGT alumnus and former resident of the third floor front room. The estimate is based on an architectural program plan and schematics developed by a committee of DGT alumni, including Kostas Gerakaris (Architecture '95), Gil Gerald (Architecture '84), Nelson Hernandez (Architecture '86), and Tom Wong (Engineering '84). This working group was formed,  met and worked in 2014 to identify the physical, functional and aesthetic needs that would be addressed through renovation and restoration of the property. 

272 Clinton Ave.

The estimate prepared by Mr. Castedo, includes but is not limited to required exterior work involving replacement of the roof, installation of new windows, entry door restoration, and cornice restoration, all meeting requirements for exterior restoration in Clinton Hill, a National Historic District.  The first floor, containing the Chapter Room, as well as the stairwell will also be subject to restoration to preserve the 19th century features that alumni from 1964, when the property was purchased, through the present can recall with great affection. On the ground floor, residential space will be reserved for two undergraduates who are inducted as associate members before they become full DGT Association members upon graduation from Pratt. The combined space on the ground and first floor, along with the rear patio, will serve the social and other program needs of the DGT Alumni Association, including its use, on three occasions during the year as a private gallery, under the Gallery House Program. The second and third and fourth floors will each be an income generating, floor-through residential rental unit. The cellar will be finished to house and store the artifacts and records of DGT. The estimate also includes architectural, engineering and other fees associated with the project.