Student Life Returns to 272 Clinton Ave: Gallery House Fellowship Program, Fall Semester 2015, is now underway

DGT Foundation's Gallery House Fellowship Program began this past October 5, as two Pratt Institute undergraduate students were accepted as Fall 2015 Fellows. The students are participating in a semester-long program where they will learn and practice skills related to curating and exhibiting works in the creative fields taught at Pratt Institute.  Participants will gain real-life experience in curating, planning, promoting, setting up and managing an exhibit of creative works. The project will include the production of an exhibit that will benefit a local charity selected by the students, and Fellows will each receive academic credit or a monetary grant of $2,250 at the completion of their semester project. At the end of the semester, participants in the Gallery House Fellowship Program may be invited and selected by DGT to participate in continuing the Program, coordinating and supporting efforts with subsequent Fellows, and be honorifically inducted as DGT Members. Jon Levy, the Program Coordinator, described the students as prepared, eager, evidently motivated, and just plain 'gung-ho,' based on his observation of their participation in the first session of the program.