DGT Task Force Recommends Projects and Activities

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In a detailed report, a task force made up of eleven DGT alumni recommended a set of discreet yet synergistic short-term projects to continue to build a more meaningful program of activities interconnecting and engaging DGT alumni living in the New York City Metropolitan Area, elsewhere in the US, and internationally.

The report, developed over the course of many months in 2017, outlines activities to be carried out under five goals: 

  1. DGT Member List and Member Information Easily Accessible to Members
  2. Distance Engagement Through Live Video Streaming
  3. Make the Website a More Valuable Tool
  4. Regional and Out-of-state Member Get-togethers and Reunions
  5. Recover Missing Names and Contact Information for Members.

Contained in 20, pages, the report provides background information related to the development of the Task Force and the report, a review of the process of developing the report, a listing of the projects and activities that will support goal attainment, and a work plan for carrying out proposed projects and activities. Alumni Program Task Force members included Harold Bernstein (Arch '90) of Texas, Lance Bottari (ME '73) of FL, Ike Cheung (Arch '91) of NY, Chris Duggan (Illustration) of NY, Tom Fiorella (IE '74) of NY, Rod Finkle (ID '55) or AK, Gil Gerald (Arch '74) of NY, Elycia Lerman (IE '82) of NJ, Anne Marie MIchael (Arch '81) of NJ, Alexa Telano (BFA '16) of NY, and Tom Wong (ME '84) of NJ.

In reviewing the draft of the report, members of the task force stressed the importance and opportunity to meaningfully engage alumni and newly emerging members from the Gallery House Program in implementing the recommendations of the report.  There is plenty of opportunity to involve alumni throughout the country with various skills, including those involving the use of digital technology, to those related to organizing small gatherings in various regions of the country, or doing what it takes to providing historical information, documents, and photos that may be buried in an attic somewhere.  Additional involvement will bring the goals of the report to fruition and complement the work of an already overburdened Board of Directors and corps of volunteers associated with the Gallery House Program. The recommendations of the report are found on pages 12-13, and a detailed 12-month work plan follows on pages 14-19. The report is scheduled for approval at the April 28 membership meeting of the DGT Alumni Association. For questions, commentary and indications of interest, please use the comment box, below, or email ggerald@dgtaa.org.