Strategic Plan Progress Report: In Conclusion

In conclusion, much has been achieved in implementing the 2014 - 2018 Strategic Plan, and this has occurred on account of the efforts of a small, growing, and committed core group made up of volunteer Board Members and a growing number of additional members actively chipping in as they are able. As DGT succeeds in increasing its number of active members, this volunteer driven effort will continue to increase in productivity and results. Key challenges include: 1) achieving the ambitious goals and objectives of the Plan within the five-year timeline; 2) cultivating a culture of employing best practices in non-profit management as has begun with such efforts as adopting Internal Controls; 3) raising the funds for capital improvements; 4) cultivating our relationship with Pratt Institute; 5) continually improving the Gallery House Program as a strategy for community service and continuity; and, 6) last but must importantly, making the program for DGT Alumni engaging and responsive to a constituent group ranging in age from those who are in their late 20s or early 30s, to individuals in their eighties and beyond. Many active and inactive constituents live in the New York region, and many in other states and also overseas.  All of this of course, is a tall order!

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