Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 2 of 4

Strategy 2 relates to exploring and possibly implementing two programs in the later years of the Strategic Plan.  They would logically be pursued following the restoration and renovation of 272 Clinton Ave. and not before then.  The envisioned programs would involve seeking and securing a long-term agreement with Pratt Institute, and also, seeking and obtaining program funding through foundation grants and corporate giving programs. Strategy 4, nominally calls for part of the House to serve as a residence for faculty visiting Pratt as part of the Visiting Scholars Program.

Goal 3, the first of two goals under this Strategy, describes a collaboration in which Pratt Institute, rather than members of the general public, enters into a long-term lease agreement with DGT Alumni Association to provide temporary residence for out-of town scholars serving as Pratt faculty on an exchange basis.  This would thus provide Alumni members and also undergraduates in residence to additional useful 'Connections' as part of their educational and professional development experience.

Goal 4 of the Plan envisions obtaining grant funding to pay for the housing of one or more the housing of artist/designer in residence, again, a form of Fellowship or individual grants program to support professional development among creative professionals. Two of the three objectives for each of these two goals that were scheduled to be carried out in the first year of the Strategic Plan have been completed.  They include: 1) the writing of a concept paper for each to guide the development of an architectural program plan; and 2) the development of an architectural program plan that reflects the ideas in the concept papers.  The third objective, essentially calling for the development of a business plan, has not yet been initiated for either Goal 3 or Goal 4.

The remaining, yet to be completed, objectives are implementation objectives, beginning with the development of collaborative agreements with Pratt Institute related to each of these two goals. A significant challenge has been the fact that we have received expressions of interest and support for the ideas, but this has been largely overshadowed by the interest expressed by the President, Dr. Schutte, in more than one meeting with DGT Alumni representatives, that Pratt Institute purchase 272 Clinton Ave. He has indicated a preference for Pratt owning the building and for finding a "creative way" of "enshrining the us" and provide for our continued use of the building. More concentrated time and effort is needed to pursue Strategy 2 and to reconcile and resolve the strongly held, differing views about the future ownership of the property.  Both parties have expressed an interest and commitment to not let these differences harm the relationship between Pratt Institute and the DGT Alumni Association.

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