Strategic Plan Progress Report: Strategy 3 of 4

Strategy 3 has a short title, but will likely be the most resource intensive challenge and opportunity described in the Plan. The title is, "Make Capital Improvements to 272. Clinton Ave. There is one goal under Strategy 3, the fifth Goal of the Plan: "Develop an Architectural Program/Master Plan for the Renovation of 272 Clinton Ave., (and implement the Plan) consistent with the vision and program goals of this Strategic Plan." The first two of five objectives under this goal have been completed, a third is in progress, and the fourth, the construction/renovation phase, as well the fifth, evaluation, have not yet been carried out.

Almost immediately after the adoption of the Strategic Plan it became evident that actual restoration and renovation work would likely occur in the later years of the Strategic Plan and not sooner.  Important pressing issues had to get resolved, especially the loan modification on the existing mortgage, which consumed a lot of time and energy.  As envisioned in the plan, within the first three months of the adoption of the Strategic Plan, a work-group of members was organized to develop an Architectural Program for the future of 272 Clinton Ave., based on the conceptual program plans developed by three other work-groups for the use of the facility to support the Gallery House Program, Residency Programs, and an Alumni Program, including Communications. As a result, by the Fall of 2014, DGT Alumni Association had a schematic diagram for the future development of the property.  This schematic called for floor-through residential units on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, and a triplex unit, involving the cellar, ground floor and first floor.  The units on the top three levels would be rented to generate income at market rates, with one or more possibly leased, long-term to Pratt to support the Visiting Scholars Program or to be used to provide for an Artist in Residence Program, both of which are being explored under Strategy 2 of the Plan. The triplex will include space for housing the historical artifacts and documents of DGT, providing residence to senior undergraduates who are invited and who elect to become Associate Members to continue their involvement in the Gallery Program and serve as a Resident Property Manager and Gallery Program Coordinator.  The first floor of the triplex will be a restoration and preservation of the 19th Century style Chapter Room and the Bar Room, which will be used for the private exhibits of the Gallery Program and for the social functions of the DGT Alumni Association. The kitchen is to be designed and equipped as a catering kitchen. 

As part of the third objective, DGT Alumni Association is now waiting for the completion of a project cost estimate for executing above plans. This will be followed by a the feasibility phase of a Capital Campaign to identify the goals and objectives of such a campaign. This process, when completed in early 2016, will help determine the phasing and the pace of renovation and restoration work. In the meantime, in the Fall of 2015, DGT Alumni Association authorized and spent a total of $25,000 in painting, carpeting and repair work to ready the first floor and rear patio to serve as a functional space for the Gallery House Fellowships Program, and for meetings and reunions involving DGT Alumni.

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