DGT is Grateful for the Generosity of its Members

Fall Semester Gallery House Exhibit, a 2015 Highlight

Fall Semester Gallery House Exhibit, a 2015 Highlight

DGT Alumni Association takes pride in thanking DGT Alumni for their generosity in calendar 2015. We are thankful for dues payments, contributions to the Engraved Brick Campaign and the DGT Alumni Association's General Fund, and for additional gifts including donations to the tax exempt, educational and charitable arm of the Association, the DGT Foundation. Thanks go to members for the countless volunteer hours and in kind gifts.

DGT hereby publicly recognizes and thanks Rod Finkle, Gil Gerald, Alan Hansen, Nelson Hernandez, Chase Hill, Elycia Lerman, Father Michael Perry, Joseph Pierz, Alexander Scott, and Tom Wong for gifts made in 2015 in the $100 to $300 category. Additional thanks go to members for gifts under $100 in 2015, including annual dues of $10. In this category we recognize and thank Ramsey Dabby, Tom Fiorella, Vern Ford, Ken Haber, Ira Holst, Ramon Lacomba, Howard Lee, Jonathan Levy, Michael Madia, Peter Schirling, and Frank Verni. 

Volunteers to be thanked include DGT's 2015 Board Members who put in a minimum of 30 hours in meetings per year and countless more behind the scenes. Thanks for donations of time also go to Josh Yavelberg who donated time in updating the donor management data-base and editing DGT's website content. We are grateful for the additional hours contributed by Jonathan Levy, above and beyond any compensation he received for being the Resident Manager and the Task Master of the Gallery House Program. Similarly we thank Chas Martin for the additional hours he put in above and beyond those covered by the heavily discounted fee he received to develop the DGT brand and our website. Nelson Hernandez also donated considerable time and in-kind resources associated with refurbishing and repair work on the House. Finally, we thank Ira Holst for in-kind mail hosting services.  Last year was truly a group project involving many who live within and beyond the New York City region.  

All of these contributions in funds, time, and in-kind gifts made it possible for DGT to initiate the Gallery House Program. By the end of this summer DGT will have brought in five students into its family through a modernized program that is appealing to today's Pratt students. Through the generosity of members we were able to supplement the income from rent and make repairs to the property, including badly needed skylight repairs. We were also able to handle legal and other expenses associated with bringing to a close the modification of an existing mortgage loan. DGT was also able to refurbish the main floor to make it suitable as a private gallery hosting the Gallery House Program exhibits. Thanks to all of these gifts we were able to once again host Alumni Day and Thanksgiving Dinner events.