DGT Alumni Association Bestows the Honorary Letters Delta Gamma Theta to Two Undergraduate Pratt Students

The two Fall Semester 2015 Fellowship recipients, Alexa Telano and Eric St. James-Lopez were inducted as Associate Members of DGT Alumni Association, on April 30, 2016. The ceremony included bestowing the two Pratt Institute seniors with the honorary letters Delta Gamma Theta for having successfully organized and produced a fine arts exhibit at the private gallery of the DGT Alumni Association. The exhibit was very well received by Gallery House patrons and benefited a charity selected by Alexa and Eric. As Associate Members, and full members once they graduate from Pratt Institute, Alexa and Eric will have an opportunity to help continue the program by participating in the mentoring of new successive waves of Gallery House Fellowship recipients. Pictured are Alexa Telano, Jon Levy, and Eric St. James-Lopez.